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Murder at the Grand
This Game has been out of print since 1996, it is avery rare audio cassette version.

Murder at the Grand delux edition for 6 people

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The time is 6th May 1944. The place is The Hotel Grand where a top secret conference has been arranged to reveal Professor Ein Stein's startling new invention- a deadly weapon. Professor Ein stein will not be attending the conference, he was found murdered in his room, apparently killed by his own invention. All of those attending the conference had high risk security clearance and could be trusted; But could they?

Join us in solving the Murder at The Grand.

The suspects are:

Field Marshall 'Hugo First' -
an office in the army he's always up front
Major Honor Manoeuvres - Member of the Woman's Royal army Corps, she does most of her manoeuvers under cover.
Admiral of the fleet, 'Ivor frigate' - An officer in the Royal Navy, and doesn,t everyone know it.
Captian 'Rula Britt Anya' - Member of the Woman's Royal Navy Service, she dreams of commanding a big vessel!
Air Vice Marshall 'Luke D Loope' - Officer in the Royal Air Force, Vice by name vice by nature.
Squadron Leader 'Hedda inde Clowds' -Member of the Womans Royal Air Force, She's a real fligh by night, or day, or whenever !

Invitations to be sent to your guest. complete instructions on how to host the party. Character profiles for all six suspects. Costume suggestions. Menu suggestions. Clues. Name Tags. Solution to the murder. Audio Cassette of the murder .

Good times for groups:
An excellent way to spend a role playing evening with friends.Each party takes 2-3 hours to play. They are filled with intrigue,suspense, humour and the fun of playing both detective and suspect.
This game is designed to be played b 3 male and 3 female players.

Ages Teen to Adults

6 Players

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