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After Dinner Games and Trivia

After Dinner Games and Trivia

Quiz and Trivia games

After Dinner Games and Trivia

A feast of entertainment! After Dinner Games & Trivia will add a touch of pizzazz to your next dinner party.

Wind the night up or down with a choice of six classic entertaining games, puzzles and trivia.

Keep on Humming - The HUMdinger of a humming game
Gender Wars - Mars collides with Venus in the ultimate showdown.
Charades - It's a race against mime.
Whos's Who - the classic naming game.
Lateral Thinking Brainteasers - Challenging cerebral excersices.
Trivia Quiz - Guarenteed to bring out the competitive streak.

The perfect way to celebrate after a great meal.

Mints and coffee not included!


  • 6 games packs
  • Rules booklet
  • Score pad
  • Sand timer
  • 2 pencils
  • Die

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