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An Affair to Dismember

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An Affair to Dismember

Contents Include:
CD with period music, and details of
the murder.
A host guide with instructions
8 guest invitations and envelopes
• 8 player name tags
• 8 individual player manuals
• Sheet of secret clues with summary
of findings
• Diagram of the crime scene
•Optional menu and costume suggestions





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HOW TO HOST A MURDER - The worlds best selling Murder Mystery Games - Our new range for 2009, imported from the U.S.A

A storm rages outside and the Halloween midnight buffet at the Castle Von Morgue is about to commence. Your host Neville Aster-Night is nowhere to be seen. As you all gather in the mourning room, the head servant apprises everyone of her master's murder. As you assume the role of one of these ghoulish characters and solve the mystery, you and your seven dinner guests will enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue. All you need is a sense of humour and a light-hearted approach toward deceit, larceny, sex and murder. - How To Host A Murder is so much fun, it's almost criminal !

You and your guests are the suspects :

THE MUMMY OF KING ALDRINKTOTAT Uncovered 20 years ago, the Mummy left Egypt and stalks the globe painting the world red in search of a good time. Madness, mayhem and wanton destruction often follow in his wake. Always well-dressed in designer linen strips, the Mummy is welcome in hotspots everywhere. He is also a celebrated author – his self-help book Life Begins at 3,000 was on the best-seller list for years.

BALIHI The Rogersandhammerstein Monster is constructed from body parts of various and sundry individuals. He received a degree in decomposition from Julliard and has been known to terrorize hapless villagers with smarmy show tunes. His works include "Graveside Story," "Eternally Damned Yankees," and "Cats." While many women have tried to nail him down in marriage, he always broke loose before vows were exchanged.

ASTHMADEUS The Prince of Dimness is deathly afraid of the dark, and has never been accused of being the brightest flame in purgatory. But what he lacks in brains, he makes up for in boyish good looks. Well versed in all forms of decadence, the Prince spends his life party-hopping the world in his silver Rolls Royce.

HANNIBAL SCHECTER Hannibal is the world's only documented kosher cannibal. Following the strict dietary laws of his faith has always been a challenge for the hypnotically charming maneater. Always dressed at the height of classic fashion, Hannibal can often be seen escorting tasty beauties to funerals, wakes, and other society functions. Not surprisingly, those beauties are rarely heard from again.

GLUMDA, THE WICKED WITCH OF DEPRESSED Always jealous of the other more prosperous enchantresses, the Witch spends much of her days casting spells of mischief to pass the time. She rarely leaves her remote fortress except to engage in her hobby of mile-high acrobatics on her broom.

ANGELA DETH This beautiful dentist is famous for putting her patients under – six feet under, that is. The vivacious Dr. Deth earned the admiration of ghoulkind when she perfected the Intergenerational Root Canal, a procedure so painful, your next of kin can feel it, too. Although she was given the electric chair several years ago, she was mysteriously saved at the last instant by a blackout and escaped before the power came back on. Now, she roams the world, performing random acts of dentistry on poor unsuspecting citizens.

The effervescent Aretha Garlique is renowned the world over as the flamboyant clairvoyant, able to speak to departed souls over the ethernet. She has done seances for royalty and heads of state and has aided the FBI and Scotland Yard in tracking down murderers by contacting the dead themselves to get eyewitness accounts.

LIZZIE BORDEAUX This gothic and enigmatic woman hails from the south of France. Lizzie has had to fend for herself since her youth and has learned the cutthroat ways of business. A sharp and incisive woman, and never one to mince words, she's carved herself out a slice of the Transylvanian dream. She's the respected owner of the Motel California and is engaged to Deadbolt's leading citizen, Neville Aster-Night.

Ages Adult.

8 Players

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