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A Case of Treasure and Treachery

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A Case of Teasure and Treachery

Format of the Game:
This game is usually played over a three
course dinner ('cocktail party' also works).
Upon arrival guests are handed their booklets, which they will refer to during the evening,
and each game employs the following format:
1. Short introductory round
2. Three rounds of scripted
(1st or 2nd person) questions and answers.
3. Three short acting scenes
(between each Q&A round)
4. Conclusions and nominations of suspects, before the murderer is revealed.
A narrative CD is supplied with each game
(which is played, as directed, between rounds).
events and solution to the crime.





Quiz and Trivia games

A cut-throat Caribbean Murder Mystery.

This range of highly acclaimed murder mystery games feature famous faces and familiar places from the wonderful world of fact and fiction.
With a magical mixture of powerful plots and terrific twists, cleverly concealed clues and side-splitting scripts, Ace Murder Mystery have created a classic range of murder mystery parties that are simply sensational!

The year is 1776 and the North American continent is in a state of turmoil. A Declaration of Independence absolving all allegiances to the British Crown is expected imminently from the United States Patriots, the huge consequences of which will be felt far and wide, now and in to the future. One place already feeling the effects is the nearby Caribbean, where a fragile truce between rival pirate warlords is on the verge of collapse, as existing loyalties are strained and new rivalries emerge. These and other problems, are set to  be addressed at this year's Pirate Council Annual General Meeting, which is due to be held, as always, at the Jolly Roger Inn, in Port Royal, Jamaica.
However, on the eve of the meeting, as the ships arrive in port, the town is stunned by the murder of Captain William Kidd, a leading Caribbean warlord and Pirate Council member, who is found with his throat cut, on the steps of George III House, the Governor of Jamaica’s official residence.

That initial shock is soon replaced by bewilderment, when Jeremiah Hatchet, Captain Kidd’s attorney Jeremiah Hatchet, calls an urgent meeting of those named as beneficiaries to Kidd’s estate. However, in order to be eligible for a share in the fortune, each of the invited participants (you and your guests) must first agree to a most unusual proposal; one carefully designed to enrich, or ensnare  the Captain's ruthless killer.

The Guest List:

Sir Henry Morgan - Governor of Jamaica and wealthy 'privateer' to King George III. Rules the colony with an iron fist. not least by hanging independent pirates and smugglers.
Lady Chastity Morgan - Aristocratic wife of Sir Henry and niece to King George III. Increasingly bored with Jamaican society, she yearns to return to England.
Bluebeard - A ruthless pirate Captain with a fearful reputation for never taking prisoners. Owns a large fleet of ships and enjoys the high life, or at least he did, when times were good.
The Black Widow - Widow of the pirate Blackbeard, who died 25 years ago. Still mourning his loss, she keeps herself busy running the Jolly Roger Inn, a favorite drinking den of pirates.
Long John Silver - 'A rum old roguish pirate who, after being marooned on a remote island, has lived a desolate and lonely life for 25 long years, until his recent rescue.
Anne Bonny - Fiercely capable daughter of the late Blackbeard and his widow, she captains her own ship, whilst operating under the (loose) command of her uncle Bluebeard.
Blind Pew - A sinister old smuggler, he lost his sight in a gunpowder blast and was taken in by widow, for whom he now works as a general handyman and 'message deliverer'.
'Scarlet' Read - Swashbuckling dandy and Kidd's 'right hand man'. His 'fancy ways' sometimes raise an eyebrow, but he's a fearless fighter, famous for his blood-red combat shorts, (Female Roll)
Roger the Cabin Boy - Apprentice crewman on Kidd's ship - The Indestructible. Learnt the ropes and has served loyally since being orphaned at the age of ten.
Tia Maria - Serving wench at the Inn. A dusky beauty with a warm, friendly nature, she's a firm favourite with the sailors, many of whom shower her gifts and effection.

Ages 14 to adult

8 - 10 Players

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