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The Silver Bullet
This Game has been out of print for many years, we have very limited stocks available !

The Silver Bullet

Party Planner with game
rules, recipes, music
and decorating tips.
Character booklets,
including their roles,
background information
and a few tasty secrets.
• A place card for each
• Party invitations and
envelopes for each character.
• Six secret clues.
• DVD with an introduction,
scene setter, summary of
events and solution to the crime.

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Quiz and Trivia games

Everyone's a suspect when murder is on the menu.
And with a Classic Detective Murder Mystery you have
everything you need to serve up a perfect murder dinner
party.First the invites, you choose which of your friends
play which devious character. Then the shopping
list, menu suggestions and recipes. Plus of course
.....a really tasty murder to solve. We guarentee that
it will be drop dead fun, and by the end of the evening
one (or more) of the suspects, your 'friends' will be
caught out as the murderer.

The night of March 1905 saw a full moom rise over the
remote Hampshire village of Thor Bridge. Here there are still some prepared to celebrate the coincidence of the old
pre-Christian festivals of Eostrara and Lady Day. For weeks the village has been rife with rumours of pagan rituals, tales of the spitits and demons that would stalk the Earth

But even on this haunted and mysterious night, no one could have predicted the form that evil was to take. Until the body ofMaria Gibson was discovered. The Brazilian wife of the millionaire who lives in the big house, she has been shot dead with a single silver bullet.
Only one man can solve this bizarre case that seems shroudedi n the folklore of three continents. And now Sherlock Holmeshas gathered the suspects together to uncover the truth of what happened that terrible night.

The Suspects are:

J Neil Gibson - The American gold minig tycoon who moved into Thor Place five yeasrs ago with his exotic wife.
Mary-Lou gibson - J Neil's daughter from his first marriage.
Rev Marlow Bates - The vicar of Thor Bridge, an authority on the old religion and it's most implacable foe.
Grace Dunbar - The beautiful young governess who looks after the two children of the Gibsons.
Chastity Darling - A chilhood friend of Grace who has come to visit her in the old manor house.
Juan Pinto - The younger brother of the murdered woman, he is visiting England from his home in Brazil.
Countess Von Orlock - A Hungarian noblewoman who has know J Neil Gibson for many years.
Jack E Jackson - A South African gold miner who has made and lost his fortune many times over.

Ages teen to adults

8 Players

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