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The Curse of The Mummy

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The Curse of The Mummy




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The Time: 1932, Egypt.

The Place: On the banks of
 the River Nile, an ancient pharaoh’s
 tomb has just been discovered.

The Murder: The first archaeologist to enter the long-lost tomb of Pharaoh Shudnadundat has suddenly been struck down with a fatal illness.

The Scene: Over the course of a dinner party you must unravel the mystery and solve this intriguing whodunnit! 
 Each of your guests will play the part of one of the suspects in the case... as you seek to discover the true nature of THE CURSE!

The Suspects:

Gunnar Grabbit: The bounty hunter
Betty Runne: Gunnar’s business partner
Herr Loss: The German archaeologist
Heidi Veppen: Herr Loss’s neice
Ahmed Abooboo: A local guide

Gladys Knott-Mee: Wife of Egyptologist
Major Payne: His Majesty’s representative
Doc Wazzup: The expedition’s field doctor

Invitations to send to your guests.
Host’s Guide with dinner menu.
Character Guide Books for 8 players.
CD with the investigation & solution.
Place cards/Lapel badges.

This thrilling Murder Mystery Evening is a battle of wits and cunning in which you’ll vie to out-sleuth each other as you seek to solve the case ~ and reveal the monstrous murderer in your midst!

8 Players

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