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Dead on Time

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Dead on Time





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The Time: 1930

The Place: On the Trans-Siberian Express bound for Moscow.

The Murder: The Japanese Ambassador’s personal aide has been found dead ~ in a cabin that has been bolted from the inside!

The Scene: Over the course of a dinner party you must assist Komrade Ivan Inkling in his attempts to solve this heinous crime!
You and your guests will each play the part of one of the witnesses to the crime, you’ll share information, hide guilty secrets, 
sift through the evidence and ultimately reveal who dun the dastardly deed!

The Suspects:
Major Ivor Titcher: The British observer
Miss D. Meanor: The Major’s assistant
General Pushov: The Russian officer
Irma Pushova: The General’s wife
Flashi Mota: The Japanese ambassador
Hanki Panki: The Geisha
Hoo Flung Dung: The Chinese emissary
Chow Pat: Flung Dung’s daughter

Invitations to send to your guests.
Host’s Guide with dinner menu.
Character Guide Books for 8 players.
CD with the investigation & solution.
Place cards/Lapel badges.

This thrilling Murder Mystery Evening is a battle of wits and cunning in which you’ll vie to out-sleuth each other as you seek to solve the case ~ and reveal the monstrous murderer in your midst!

8 Players

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