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Saturday Night Cleaver

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Saturday Night Cleaver

Contents Include:
CD with period music, and details of
the murder.
A host guide with instructions
8 guest invitations and envelopes
• 8 player name tags
• 8 individual player manuals
• Sheet of secret clues with summary
of findings
• Diagram of the crime scene
•Optional menu and costume suggestions






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HOW TO HOST A MURDER - The worlds best selling Murder Mystery Games - Our new range for 2010, imported from the U.S.A

Dear Dancin' Fools:

You are cordially invited to shake your fool thing at a special party at the one and only Flunkytown Disco, the hottest dance club in da' Bronx. As owner of Flunkytown, you can bet I'll be your boogie man on the dance floor all night long, as I always am. With that bodacious DJ Wolfman Bob crankin' the discs it will be one hapennin' night - and, hey, superstar singer Manny Baritone has promised to stop by and sign autographs. So bring your leisure suits, gold chains and platform shoes and take the love train down to Flunkytown, where we play that funky music till you die!

Be there or be square,
Stan A. Live

,You and your guests will enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue. All you need is a sense of humor and a light-hearted approach toward blackmail, theft and deceit. - How To Host A Murder is so much fun, it's almost criminal !

You and your guests are the suspects :

VINNY V. DIVICHI By day, Vinny is a mild-mannered mechanic, but by night, watch out! He explodes into the leisure-suited, gold-chained dynamo disco stud who has scorched the hearts of many a Bornx girl. He moves with such grace, he truly makes you believe that disco will never die. He's as cool as Baretta, and hotter than Erik Estrada.
Costume Suggestion: Gold chains, a leisure suit, and platform shoes; or a shiny, loudly patterned nylon disco shirt paired with polyester bell-bottoms (wedge a big comb in the back pocket as a finishing touch).

BRADY BUNSCH Brady flew out to the back streets of da'Bronx several months ago in search of his wayward son, Robby, who ran from a sheltered split-level life in West Coast suburbia in search of seedier pastures. Although Brady has not yet found his son, he has found - to his surprise - that he loves the nightlife, he likes to boogie,. Now he's a wild and crazy guy with a happening perm, and a new attitude.
Costume Suggestion:Brady is much more reserved. A plain button shirt or one with a conservative print, a wide tie, and dark slacks. Permed hair (or a permed wig).

ANGINA PALPATORI Rumored to have caused more than one heart attack among her many "dance" partners, she gives the expression "drop-dead gorgeous" new meaning. Angie's a well-endowed beauty and a regular on the New York disco circuit. From the bleached top of her coif to the tips of her stiletto pumps, Angie is a force to be reckoned with on the flashing floors of New York's discos.
Costume Suggestion:A low-cut silk dress that flares when she spins, big earrings, lots of makeup - blue eye shadow, false eyelashes - and feathered/winged hair.

Polly is a rich girl from Lawn Guyland, who loves "slumming it" and coming down to the Bronx discos eery chance she gets. She's not much of a dancer, but what she lacks in rhythm, she makes up for in style and ultra-expensive clothes. After wisely investing the money she got for her Sweet 16 party, Polly no longer has to rely on Daddy's money. Now, at 19, Polly's almost as rich as her Dad, H.R. Stuffincupp.
Costume Suggestion:A skirt that's way too short, showing off her legs. Gaudy eye makeup and that "fashionable" white lipstick. A sheer blouse and padded bra, or a tub top
KNIGHT FEEVAH Knight came out from Sheboygan to the Big Apple to be a star, but quickly became a student of the school of hard knocks. Now penniless, he works mixing drinks at Flunkytown's bar and lives in a one-room apartment above the funhouse at Coney Island. But his luck is changing. Knight has boyish good looks and has always been popular with the girls because, she we say, he makes a great Harvey Wallbanger.
Costume Suggestion:A muscle shirt and embroidered or studded denim flares.

MANNY BARITONE Celebrity crooner Manny Baritone is the master of love ballads and catchy disco tunes. He's in town promoting his new disco song about the new-fangled microwave oven. The song, "Copa-Amana," has gotten red-hot faster than a fork in a radar-range and has shot right to the top of the charts. Although he has a sold-out concert later this week, he's making a detour to Flunkytown Disco to sign autographs because it's smack in the middle of the Bronx neighborhood where he grew up. Beneath the sequined pantsuit, he's till just a nice Bronx boy.
Costume Suggestion:A sequined pants suit would be best, but otherwise any outfit that glitters and flashes. Platform shoes. An autographing pen and a microphone.

BELLE BADHAM Belle, Stan A. Live's wife, is that business sense behind Stan's inspiration. She's the one who took a failed neighborhood business and turned it into Flunkytown, da'Bronx's leading disco. Rumor has it that Flunkytown is beginning to get bigger crowds than the most famous disco of all: the infamous "Studio 10-to-Life." A formidable woman, Belle's as intimidating as the club's bouncers and has had to defend herself against the advances of many a drunk patron.
Costume Suggestion:Belle doesn't go for the disco fashions. Her outfit should be much more business-like. A polyester pant suit, matching patterned shirt, dark eye makeup, hair back in a bun.

CHAKA MOON Chaka Moon is one mysterious chick. Always decked out in the latest fashions and a huge mink coat that trails on the ground, she arrives each night at Flunkytown in a flashy white Lincoln, with a stud on each arm. She sits at the corner table, conducting secret business dealings with rich men. She wears a seductive smile that never betrays her emotions, and you can't read anything in her eyes because of her silver shades that reflect that bright lights of Flunkytown like a disco ball.
Costume Suggestion:A stunning gown, reflective sunglasses, fun - or fake fun - coat, long read fingernail, perfectly coiffed "glam" hair.

Guests: 8 guests (4 male 4 female)

Age: Adult

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