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The Tragical Mystery Tour

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Tragical Mystery Tour

Contents Include:
CD with period music, and details of
the murder.
A host guide with instructions
8 guest invitations and envelopes
• 8 player name tags
• 8 individual player manuals
• Sheet of secret clues with summary
of findings
• Diagram of the crime scene
•Optional menu and costume suggestions







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HOW TO HOST A MURDER - The worlds best selling Murder Mystery Games - Our new range for 2010, imported from the U.S.A

.Dear chicks and dudes,

After finding new dimensions of consciousness writing my enlightening songs, I've decided to share this summer of love with my closest friends and invite you all on a week-long trip onboard my infamous psychedelic peace bus.

I will be performing at Beefstock and you are all invited to be part of my conspiracy of love, spreading peace and sugar cubes laced with sunshine along the way. Can you dig it?

We will embark on our historic journey after sharing the communal human experience of watching the first man set foot on the moon.

Please join me. It'll be your best trip ever.
Peace and love,
Hedda Leiss
As you assume the role of one of these eight characters and solve the mystery, you and your guests will enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue. All you need is a sense of humor and a light-hearted approach toward blackmail, theft and deceit. - How To Host A Murder is so much fun, it's almost criminal !

You and your guests are the suspects :

PHILIP MABONG Record producer and celebrated playboy Philip Mabong is founder of the wildly successful C.T.& A. records, and has boosted many struggling bands into superstardom. He is best known for producing that immortal ode to the road "Born to be Vile," by Steppencrap. A hedonist of the highest order, Philip has embraced the hippie movement--and only produces music with messages of peace, love and chemical enlightenment. Most recently he has made rock artist Hedda Leiss the most successful female artist of the decade, and in fact has been Hedda's lover for several blissful years.
Costume Suggestion: Nehru jacket, bright sports coat with tie-dyed shirt, or ruffled shirt (or no shirt at all).

Jamaica's the Rastafarian party girl, whose dreadlocks, laid-back attitude and fun-loving personality have made her the life of every party. The buzz is that Jamaica is good luck, and wherever she goes the most wonderful things tend to happen. A free spirit with a lust for life, Jamaica glides through the world with a carefree attitude. Jamaica has become a regular with the Hedda Leiss entourage, since Hedda swears by her herbal remedies for everything from hangnails to hangovers.
Costume Suggestion: Dreadlocks, halter top, flowered bell-bottoms.

TIMOTHY BLEARY Mind-expansionist and spiritual guru Timothy Bleary began as a humble florist, but soon became famous for his counter-culture writings, and coined that now famous phrase "Tune in, turn on, and put out." He is also the founder of the Church of the Vacant Mind, and his followers can often be seen pushing Bleary's floral arrangements at street corners and airports. Recently church membership has multiplied in amazing proportions. All new members donate everything they own to Bleary in return for the transcendental honor of dispensing bouquets of love and peace to the unenlightened masses. Naturally this has endeared Bleary to the hippie culture, and has padded his pockets with plenty of bread.
Costume Suggestion: A flowery shirt or frock, multi-colored sunglasses and the Yin/Yang sign painted on forehead.

Former Miss Wisconsin Enya Goddard-Daveeda was once the debutante next door. She was voted Miss Congeniality, and was first runner up to Miss Hawaii in last year's Miss American pageant.Unfortunately Enya was ejected from the pageant when she tried to bludgeon Miss Hawaii with her own crown shortly after the winner was announced. After losing her bid to be Miss American, Enya began a long fall into American counter-culture. She has taken a sudden interest in the music of Hedda Leiss and the philosophy of Timothy Bleary. In fact, Bleary has taken Enya under his wing, and turned her into the Church of the Vacant Mind's High-Priestess of Love--a position that has gained her more adoring fans than she could ever have hoped for.
Costume Suggestion: Everything white and loose fitting, bellbottoms, a kerchief around the neck and flowers painted on face and arms. Or going in the other direction, white boots and miniskirt.

JUAN STEPFORD MANN Astronaut Juan Stepford Mann is one of Nasa's golden boys. He's a highly decorated Air Force Major with the right stuff, and is bound for the moon on one of the next Apollo missions. Although he really doesn't understand the hippie movement, he's been Burnette DeBrah's escort for several months now, and she has introduced him to heads of state as well as the hippie elite. The tuned-in, turned-on crowd despises Juan and the establishment that he represents, but when it comes to love-ins, he is, shall we say, largely welcome--in fact he's known on the love circuit as "ApolloThirteen." Although he doesn't do mind-expanding drugs himself, lately he's been fraternizing with some highly brain-fried individuals. It's all very new and exciting for Juan almost enough to make him forget his mysteriously tragic childhood.
Costume Suggestion: An Air Force uniform, or conservative white shirt, with dark slacks and a paisley tie.

REINA TERRA Rumored to be the founder of the "low-fee love" movement, Reina Terra is the consummate groupie, and has traveled with the likes of The Tyrds, The Strolling Bones, and even The Crateful O'Dead before gaining notoriety for giving birth to the son of that flamboyant rock star, Nick Jaguar. Reina is always at the cutting edge of hippie fashions, and is commonly recognized as the inventor of tie-dye. In recent months, Reina has become a regular in superstar Hedda Leiss's entourage, and in fact the singer considers Reina to be her closest friend.
Costume Suggestion: Tie-dyed everything, love beads, bare feet to show off ankle bracelets.

Nate, student body president of Burpley University, is the upstart activist who masterminded a march on Washington that packed in millions on The Mall from the Capitol building to the Washington Monument. Although he was born into one of the nations wealthiest families, he has rejected his privileged upbringing and uses his family's wealth to fund protest rallies.It is there that he inspires students around the nation with his speeches on peace, free love, and tax shelters. Handsome, and suave, he's the reason young girls leave home to camp out around the Burpley campus.
Costume Suggestion: Head band, beaded vest peace-sign medallion, tattered jeans, mood ring, sandals or thongs.

BURNETTE DEBRAH Feminist Burnette DeBrah has led a crusade against the oppression of women--as evidenced by her successful "Bras Across America" campaign--in which thousands of women hooked together their brassieres from coast to coast and set them a flame. Since then, Burnette has been a rising political star, challenging the congressional "boys club," with a bid for congress this coming November (which she is likely to win). Although a few years older than the Now Generation, they still consider her a groovy, tuned-in chick. Most recently she can be seen escorted by Major Juan Stepford Mann. You can't miss Burnette in any crowd, because of her commanding voice, and those wide-brimmed floppy hats that have become her trademark.
Costume Suggestion: Brightly-colored business skirt and pants, wide-brimmed floppy hat, oversized sunglasses.

Guests: 8 guests (4 male 4 female)

Age: Adult

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