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The Watersdown Affair

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The Watersdown Affair

Contents Include:
CD with period music, and details of
the murder.
A host guide with instructions
8 guest invitations and envelopes
• 8 player name tags
• 8 individual player manuals
• Sheet of secret clues with summary
of findings
• Diagram of the crime scene
•Optional menu and costume suggestions







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HOW TO HOST A MURDER - The worlds best selling Murder Mystery Games - Our new range for 2010, imported from the U.S.A

t is January 1936 at an English country mansion. Sir Roger Watersdown, the wealthy owner of Watersdown Beverages, Ltd., has invited several friends to a weekend party in the countryside at his mansion. But soon murder is discovered, and the friends must decide who among them committed the crime. Perhaps the answer to this crime can be found in a deeper investigation of the setting and the relationships between host and guests? How too, too awful a beginning to a country weekend.
I welcome you on behalf of Sir Roger and the entire Watersdown Mansion household, and I hope your stay will be a pleasant one. .
As you assume the role of one of these eight characters and solve the mystery, you and your guests will enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue. All you need is a sense of humor and a light-hearted approach toward blackmail, theft and deceit. - How To Host A Murder is so much fun, it's almost criminal !

You and your guests are the suspects :

DR. MALCOLM K. T. PRAKTISS Dr. Praktiss is a wealthy, well-liked Harley Street physician with a growing reputation as "e;Healer to the Rich and Famous."e; He is Sir Roger Waterdown's personal physician and frequent bridge partner at The Gribbley, an exclusive London card club to which they both belong. A charming gentleman with many female friends, he has never married. His close friends call him "e;Mal."e;
Costume Suggestion: Doctor's garb, stethoscope, scrub suit.

MIRANDA T. SHETES beautiful and talented young American actress, Miranda is becoming known for her maturing talent and classic profile. Critically acclaimed for her portrayal of Miss Hardcastle in She Bends Over to Conquer, a film by Oliver Goldmint, she is becoming quite popular in film circles. This cinematic triumph brought her before the public eye and launched her serious drama career. She is beginning to enjoy the rewards of success and an expanding circle of influential friends. Sir Roger has financed some of her dramatic appearances. To close friends she is known as "Randy."
Costume Suggestion:Sensuous, slinky - low-backed gown and feather boa.

ROGER S. B. ASTIRDKidnapped in infancy by his nurse, Roger is Sir Roger's long-lost illegitimate son. He is traveling in Europe studying the architecture and masonry of baronial castles and manors. Though planning to become an architect, he has taken advantage of his stay in Europe to indulge in a favorite hobby, mountain climbing. Sir Roger, having discovered that "e;Rog"e; is his son, has made him welcome at Watersdown Mansion. At Watersdown, he is called "e;Rog"e; to avoid confusion.
Costume Suggestion:Climber's kit - beret, khaki shorts and shirt, climbing axe and boots.

A renowned author of English mystery novels, Dame Bigh has enjoyed great popularity and success since her best seller, The Knife Slices Coldly, was published two years ago. Since that time, her writing has been generously praised for its lifelike characterization of the criminal mind. The Dame is a guest at Watersdown to gather material and set the mood for her new book, which is a sequel to The Knife . . .Sir Roger is a great admirer of her work. Dame Bigh is known as "e;Ali"e; to close friends.
Costume Suggestion:A long, flowing dress, not too low-cut, dignified but not spinsterish.

PROSPER ALVIN BATES, ESQUIRE Solicitor Bates is Sir Roger's lawyer, personal advisor and talented golfing companion. His legal practice consists of handling Sir Roger's business affairs and, of course, frequent rounds of golf during which much business is accomplished. He is a director and board member of Watersdown Beverages Ltd. and a frequent guest at Watersdown Mansion. Solicitor Bates' country home, Whole-In-Won, adjoins the Watersdown estate and features a private driving range. By his friends, he is called "e;Pro."e;
Costume Suggestion:Vested suit and briefcase or golfer's attire.

DONALD J. BROOKS Donald is not only Sir Roger's nephew, but at age 35 he has established himself as a successful city banker and brilliant financial strategist. Recently featured in the "e;People to Watch"e; section of the influential Banker's Fashion News, Donald is developing a wide range of international associations which are proving quite valuable to his career. Donald and his wife, Florence, are at Watersdown Mansion to discuss a business proposal. In the family Mr. Brooks is known as "e;Donny."e;
Costume Suggestion:Businessman's dark gray suit.

Heiress to the fortune of the Earl and Lady Wing, both of whom are still living, Florence Brooks is Donald's socialite wife. Incredibly beautiful, Florence was well-known as the "e;Far Eastern Eye Shadow"e; girl during her years as a fashion model. Her career ended with her high-society marriage to Mr. Brooks. Since her marriage, Florence and her husband have traveled extensively, many of those trips being to exotic international locales. She exudes a charm and vivaciousness that serve to enhance her husband's thriving business connections. Her parents call her "e;Flo."e;
Costume Suggestion:High fashion gown or evening pajamas.

EIAGUIELLE R. AMINMUNDEiaguielle is Sir Roger's confidential secretary, a highly talented and motivated person. Since the death of Lady Watersdown four years ago, she has often acted as hostess at Watersdown Mansion's weekend parties. She is in charge of virtually all operations at the mansion. Because her name is so long, friends call her "e;E.R.A."e;
Costume Suggestion:Dress with lace collar and sleeves; granny glasses; steno notebook; very proper.

Guests: 8 guests (4 male 4 female)

Age: Adult

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